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Hi guys!

I received some great feedback today from my manager after putting together a case to attend the MT Conferences in Sydney next month. Along with our formal training request form, I added a rationale for how attending the conference would be a gain to the business and strategic plan, not to mention my own personal development. I printed the outlines M&M provided, with the agenda and of course, costings. And then I went in to have a face to face discussion about it.

My manager heard me out and though he had never heard of MT before, immediately commended the idea and suggested that the $2000 cost would be recouped in that I could roll-out the learning to other managers (by way of example) within the organisation (we also love that DISC profiles are so inexpensive compared to what other organisations charge here). He went on to say that he did think however that I was already pretty much all over this type of content and managed these ideals well. He felt that I had a good handle on much of the content in my professional and personal life and asked me to consider other training – at the same cost – that would stretch me and benefit me in an area that I haven’t yet experienced or dealt with in my career to date.

As disappointed as I was that I may not get to meet Mark and the team, or get to network with like-minded individuals, it was a great feeling to be acknowledged for the difference the last year of being a licensee has benefited my professional growth.

I’m a HR business consultant and don’t actually have any directs, though I organically fell into the role of 2IC and show leadership to our small team. My manager recently recommended I fill in for him when he is on leave later this year. So all in all, MT has been a fabulous investment.

Now, if I don’t get to officially attend the Sydney conference, I may just take a couple of days leave myself, have a couple days’ “holiday” in Sydney and gate crash the hotel lobby – would it be weird to be an MT groupie???  At the very least I get to shake hands with Mark, Dani et al and meet those of you who will be going ;)  Or is that bordering on stalking?!

Still, my manager hasn’t declined the request… he has said he’ll consider it while I also do some more ‘shopping’ for something that might be more suitable for my own growth. He understands the MT conference would cement my knowledge and that the hands-on interactive nature of the small group would be valuable.  He's simply tossing up whether to throw the training budget toward more of the same for me or something new and different ;)

Keep up the awesome work peeps. Maybe I’ll get to see you all this year and perhaps it will be 2014  J

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I don't know of anything in the same general line that is better value than attending the MT conference, even for someone who is already an MT adherent.  In fact, in many ways, I think the MT conferences are more geared to existing users rather than coming in blind, because the material comes at you so hard and fast that going from nothing to competent in one day would take a lot of effort.

 If you don't end up coming, I don't think that coming along to any associated social events would be weird.  It's what I'm planning on doing -- I went last year, so I get to stay back at the office and hold the fort (everyone *else* is going this year), so I'm going to get along to any MT-related meetup event that's happening.

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I had a very similar response from my manager last year (Sydney 2012).  He liked the proposal so he couldn't say no right away.  Instead he sent me on some exec coaching which he felt was a better alternative, and then ended up saying no to the conference anyway.

But I still went.  Paid it out of my own pocket - boss wouldn't even give me paid time off to do it ,so I took holidays over the two days.  

It was SO worth it - I saw it as a modest investment in myself that would last for years.  And so far I've been right about that.

I felt like I had a good handle on the Effective Manager portion in particular; but it was so worthwhile to actually get in a room full of people who wanted to learn it and practice it.   It really reinforced what I'd already learned through the podcasts and gave me confidence to implement some of the trickier areas.



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Thanks Matt, I agree - I think it would still be valuable to put into practice in a smaller, intensive learning environment.

Meet up; of course! Might have to start searching for some cheap flights to Sydney ;)

Hi Mark - thanks for the input. I won't be able to fund it myself but may still convince my manager and if not, I may be in a better position next year to attend. 



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Hi Cyndy

I know this doesn't help you with an initial outlay of money - but don't forget your conference fees, flights and so forth are usually tax deductable as education expenses under the right circumstances.

It isn't a massive return, but every little bit helps.  And May is only a month off end of financial year, so it is a short wait.

Regardless, Good luck with your employer!



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Thanks Mark, I had thought of that but hadn't considered it was so close to end of fin year!  

Cheers for that!

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Thanks again Mark - hadn't even considered the short time between the conference and tax time.  


Cheers - (am still working on them)

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Hi Cyndy -- I just wanted to let you know that we'll be returning to Sydney on 14-15 October 2013. Here's the registration website:

If there's anything we can do to help you convince your boss, please let me know. Happy to help! My email is dani(at)manager-tools(dot)com.