What is the best way to handle low employee morale in a division when the problem may be the manager?
I don't want to create a situation where I empower the workers to be able to manipulate, undercut, or replace a supervisor they don't like.

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Meet with more regularly than presently, provide detailed feedback to, coach, develop, put on performance management and if need be, fire the manager.

This is just the beginning of (with all best intentions of retaining him or her) our late stages coaching model...

What am I missing?


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Good suggestions; I'll pass along to his boss. Monitoring morale would be a good benchmark for his boss to use, but it would have to be done in such a way that the workers don't game the system to get rid of bosses they don't like.

I talked to the manager yesterday. I suggested, and explained, that he do weekly One-on-Ones with his direct reports (foremen). He thinks he has a good relationship with his employees; his employees feel the opposite. If he does the One-on-Ones I'm hoping he will gain some insights and internal communication will improve.

I "feel" that he is not being upfront with his true agenda; no proof, just a feeling. He is a new manager and seems to believe that a manager should have dictitorial powers.

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Start looking for data to support your opinion regarding his agenda and dictatorial nature, and then give him feedback. Start now... he's learning bad habits, which, when left unchecked, become ruts on ineffectiveness and retention nightmares.


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AND- continue to hold everyone accoutable for their work. A bad boss is not an excuse to stop performing....PERIOD.

"Yes, it's hard, and I'm sorry that it makes your work that much more challenging. And, we're working on it, and will hold you to a high standard nonetheless."