I work a medium sized company operating in a very niche market. I've recently had a new manager to start to lead our team.

They haven't been in their role long, but I do feel that on several ocassions they arn't making the best decisions.

But how do your approach your manager to discuss this point with them?
Is there ever a "correct" way to do this? Should I even bother, or just accept that they are my manager and trust their decision implicitly even though in my view (key word being view) I think they making mistakes?

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The biggest thing to keep in perspective is that they were selected by even senior managers to be in that role. Everyone has a learning curve and this may be it, or they just may not be right for the job.

In my mind, again, it's about relationships, how comfortable are you with your new manager? Do you meet with them regularly?

You can tactfully ask that you need to learn to start thinking like a manager and ask, "Can you take me through your process when making a decision, for example, when you did..."

Sometimes, offering your opinions will shape the new manager and build a bridge to your future within your company and maybe know what decisions not to make.

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I wouldn't any time soon. This is far too delicate a subject to solve by written word.

Develop a relationship with your boss. How?

- Ask one more question every meeting.
- Ask for his thinking on projects.
- Ask for the goals he is shooting for.
- Pay attention to his measures, and what he wants from the team.
- Modify your behaviors to help him get what he wants.
- Deliver results - and communication about those results - consistently.

He'll open up...or you'll get promoted.