I'm currently looking for a new position and wonder if making the following statement at the end of the interview would be taken as offensive by the hiring manager.  


Candidate speaking:  "So to summarize, what would you say are the three skills you have seen on my resume or learned about me in our discussion that match the skills required for this role."


"So, to summarize, woud it be fair to say the following three skills I have would match the ones needed for this role?"


Then when sending the thank you email for the interview later that day, include the points for reference.


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I recommend the interview series. They have an interview closing that is VERY effective. I've used it in several interviews and it allowed me to have multiple offers to choose from.

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Firstly, goodluck with the job search.

Secondly, get the interviewing series, I have just finished a job search and used the interviewing series during the entire process.  The "How to close an interview" cast is excellent. 

Best of luck,