This is an excellent article, especially for those of us who've created the vision, set the goals, and are now into what Larry Bossidy would call the "execution" phase.

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Hi Glenn

My big takeaway from this article was the paragraph about feedback:

Feedback is crucial, and getting it should be no problem in business. Yet most people don't seek it; they just wait for it, half hoping it won't come. Without it, as Goldman Sachs leadership-development chief Steve Kerr says, "it's as if you're bowling through a curtain that comes down to knee level. If you don't know how successful you are, two things happen: One, you don't get any better, and two, you stop caring." In some companies, like General Electric, frequent feedback is part of the culture. If you aren't lucky enough to get that, seek it out.

It might be uncomfortable to give and receive but it's a major part of improvement. Now where did I hear that first? :-)


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I think you heard "that feedback thang" from some guys named Mark and Mike. :D

Seriously, this is one of those rare articles that you can read again and again and pick up some new nuance each time. You're right about feedback; I was zeroing in on deliberative practice. I'm going to take this article and see how I can apply it to the actions taught here.