Hi there,

I just recently listened to the "Strategy and SWOT" podcast series (3 parts) and have downloaded the shownotes. However, the shownotes are the same for all three episodes... Is that correct? I feel that the podcast goes FAR BEYOND what is in the shownotes.

Can someone please tell me if this is correct?

Also the notes talk about creating a basic set of slides for each step. Where are these basic slides...?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!



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Hi Phil, In short, you are not seeing the wrong shownotes for the Strategy and SWOT podcast but you are seeing issue in that the slides are missing.

For all of our podcasts that have a series of recording there is one set of shownotes. I have checked and verified that the shownotes attached to the 3 podcasts in the Strategy and SWOT series are indeed the correct ones. You are absolutely correct that the podcast goes far beyond what the shownotes include as is the case in all of our shownotes. The shownotes are meant to be a condensed form that is quick and easy for those of us who may not be as interested in all of the details (the High D's out there). The shownotes are what Mike and Mark themselves are looking at while recording to ensure that they hit all of the key points, however, as you've noticed extra discussion often ensues.

As for the missing slides, you are correct in that they are not currently included on the Strategy and SWOT podcast pages. We are currently working on our end to have them posted back up for you and I'll let you know as soon as they are posted.

Sarah Sentes - Manager Tools Presenting Associate



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Hi Phil, the slides for the Strategy and SWOT podcast series have been posted on the podcast pages. Enjoy!

Sarah Sentes - Manager Tools Presenting Associate

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The slides that are mentioned in the podcast are different than what I expected in the downloaded material I paid for. I was expecting a starting point for "Week One: Create A Set Of Slides That Describe Each Step". Am I mising something?