I may be focusing more on strategy and longer term resource planning (IT project management over 3 years) soon.

Does anyone know of any resources (books?) that discusses how to do systematic strategy of resources i.e. what can we handle over the next three years and how to we line projects up? And how to approach the difference between managing directs and managing managers?

I think I may stuck in a pattern more with my head in the weeds.


Randall Sanborn

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Interesting work. Kaplan and Norton of balance scorecard fame have a follow up tool - Strategy Maps. Here's a Harvard Business Review article to help explain.

Kaplan and Norton's book is also a good resource to explore:

Exploring the strategy map concept will give you a visual sense of what needs to be done and what inter dependencies exist. This I imagine will help  you with determining what needs to be done and in what order. From my experience having a powerful goal to start off with helps the development of the strategy map.

I hope that helps.


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 I'll review them this week. Thank you.

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I also recommend them.

I've bought and read the Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard books as well - the concept is pretty easy to get despite the size of the books. 

Other than that I would suggest anything approaching the topic from Drucker.




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For systematic strategy planning of resource I used the Resource plan templates which is excel workbook for planning. I would recommend Resource plan template  workbook for long term resource planning it really helps a lot.

It helped me in maintaining  a list of all the people on project, including name, role, organization, contact information, start date, end date, and percent dedicated to the project.

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Kaplan's book is always handy. Though, I prefer taking help from some online tutoring services rather buying any random books. Experienced tutors can better suggest which book is useful for your test prep.

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 Also take a look at "Measuring the Strategic Readiness of Intangible Assets" from Kaplan and Norton.


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