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Hi everyone,

I've been working "staying in touch" for the past six months. I can't shake the feeling that a) feels weird still and b) I'm the only one doing it.

I know the saying... In the land of the blind... But does anyone have any tools or mental games to help get past these feelings?



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Keep working to stay in touch. It doesn't have to be perfect, and, just because folks don't respond it does not mean they're not thinking of you.

My network includes folks I haven't spoken with face-to-face 10-15-20 or more years ago. However, they are people I trust and, I believe, people who trust me. So when they do call me for advice, I respond of course. I remain _profoundly_ grateful to those who I have called upon for counsel in acute circumstances.

Hang in there. People remember. Keep reserving time to build your network and stay in touch with folks.  As Horstman says, "It's all about people."

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Sometimes, it's just about "doing the thing" because it's effective.