So, I'm sending out the O3 messages today. I have 6 direct reports, one of which I share with another unit at my institution. 

I've been holding meetings with all of my directs since I started my current position in 4/09, but I'm transitioning to the O3 system. I completed a one-time beta test with the newest member of my team this morning and it went very well.

I also incorporated the same first question during one of my existing meetings. I'll be using "How's it going?" as my first question. So far, I've heard "Good" and "Okay, I guess" from a relatively new direct with a steep learning curve. I'll be tracking that one for sure!

I think the biggest change for my people will be that they are used to less frequent meetings (semi-weekly, monthly, weekly) for longer periods of time (45 minutes to an hour). If anyone has recommendations for handling this transition, I'd appreciate hearing them.