Hi everyone ... I have come across this forum through word of mouth and can't believe how much information exists here !

I am definitely looking forward to reading up on all the experiences of others.

I do have however a question as I tried searching the forum but did not come up with anything.

I am starting a new IT Manager role in 3 weeks time for a small subsidiary of a large multinational organization in Sydney Australia ( Yes- I am Australian !).

A few points about the role :

** I will have 4 direct reports ( all older than me ) and on average 6 years with the company.
** I will be reporting directly to the Finance Director for all local matters
** I will be reporting to an International IT Manager for all project work
** I have 11 years IT Experience ( Technical, applications, project management & general management ).

I would appreciate some feedback on what others would suggest as a plan for the first day, week, month and perhaps first quarter. I am very anxious and want to make sure I create the right impression with the team reporting into me and the executive group.

Help ...

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Well Hello LM,

First off, Congratulations on your new position. Best of luck.

Second, ... Welcome to the forum. I've been lurking about here for a while. Michael and Mark are a wealth of information and always seem to be around.

If I may, I'd suggest to look (listen to) the cast on internal customer relations: (2 parts):

Also, ... get to know your team (do a refresh on the DISC model).

Let us know how things are going.

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Learningman -

In addition to the suggestions offered by fcch_mngtoools, I would recommend a book called "You're in Charge, Now What" by, Thomas J. Neff and James M. Citrin.

I stumbled onto it when I took my current position and found it to be very valuable.

Good luck!


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Off to buy book today ... appreciate the feedback.

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For the first 30 days, keep your head down, your mouth shut, and your ears open.

Start one on ones immediately, and start learning the feedback model. AFter about 3-4 months, start thinking about coaching.



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Mark, ...
[quote]... your mouth shut, and your ears open. ...[/quote] Excellent advice.

My Chief Forester once said to me as we were entering the conference room for an important meeting:
"Ok young man, one sign of intelligence isn't WHAT you say, ... it's what you DON'T say".

The message was clear, ... :shock:

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If only I hadn't learned it the hard way!