First off, Thanks to the MT and CT teams for making these wonderful podcasts,

I was recently listening to a hall of fame cast entitled "How to Run Your Staff Meeting" and enjoyed learning from it. I have an interesting dilemma because I need to split my team into shifts to accomplish our assigned work.

I want to hear this forum's collective thoughts on how I should proceed with staff meetings for the best results.

I don't want to pull my directs from the late shift team and force them to attend a weekly staff meeting during their 'off time', especially in person.

How are managers in similar situations handling this? What is (or is not) working?

Thank you in advance for your replies,


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When I've had either a distributed team by time zone or shift pattern, I've run two weekly staff meetings and added a cross-over section in the agenda to let each group know what the other is doing. Additionally, I'll have a shift leaders weekly meeting that's purely operational matters so at least the 2 or 3 shift leaders are communicating in one forum.

Hope this helps somewhat


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Thank you, Tim,

I am planning to run both meetings by splitting my hours between the two shifts. I like the idea of a cross-over section and will include it in the meeting's agenda.

I will plan to give my 1 or 2 off-shift shift leaders the option to billing a half an hour to meet and discuss purely operational matters, giving each between 10 and 15 minutes.

In addition, knowing that you and others have faced and survived distributed team meetings helps.

Thank you again,