Anyone up for a MT get together around the Charlotte NC or Greenville SC area?

Till Later,


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I'm moving to Charlotte in June (starting work with BofA).  If I miss a first meeting between now and then, I'd love to help schedule a second meet sometime this summer.

Great idea!

--Brian Hanks

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I'm about an hour away to the northeast and would be very interested to meet up.

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I am interested in participating as well...Should we pick a date in early April and see what we get?

Tom Dressler

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Please keep me posted.

 DiSC 2-5-4-6

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How does mid April 14th | 21st sound to everyone?



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Let's try it and see what happens.  Even if only 2 people show up, that's still one more relationship built.

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The commute from Raleigh is too far, otherwise I'd come! Would love to meet up with others in NC!

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I will be setting up a simple meeting for April 21st.

Location: Probably a Panera Bread or something like that (let me know if any objections)

Time: 6:30PM to 7:15PM

Agenda: With this being the 1st meeting, lets KISS.

6:30              Welcome

6:30 - 7:00    Open Discussion, (Getting to know each other)

7:00 - 7:15    Next Meeting Planning

7:15               Adjourn

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What Panera Bread location are you thinking?


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It's the easiest to find of all the Panera Bread locations in the Charlotte area.  Selfishly, it's also the closest to my house.  :)  Of course, other suggestions are welcome.

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Ha! I saw Panera Bread in my review and came here expecting I had to delete some spam. Glad I checked before deleting away. ;-)

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