Unfortunately the sony e-reader is not available yet here in Europe, but when is, I will probably buy one. Does anyone have experience with it, because I am not sure whether it works well and if it is usefull.


Martijn Roozendaal

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I don't have one, but I've heard Leo Laporte talk about it a lot on TWIT. He seems to really like it. Some minor issues when changing a page (I think the page flashed or something) but he was still using it and liking it.

He mentions a lot as a resource for books. (I think they're a sponsor.)

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One of my directs has one (he travels a lot) and gave me a demo. It is really very nice, and can hold a lot more content than a physical book of the same form factor. The screen is sharp and the interface is intuitive. It's battery life is a function primarily of how many page turns you make, as the B&W screen is very efficient.

The downside is the proprietary Sony format, and the resulting limit in what is available for it, but there may be more options now.

Full disclosure: I'm old school, and I like paper. You can write on it, you can xerox stuff you like, it's very durable, and I like the feel.

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Thanks for the replies. I would like to buy one, but it is not available yet here in the netherlands. I guess I just have to wait.

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I will get one, I think...but the issue will be title availability.