After reading Mark's Smiling at Strangers in recent Things I Think I Think, you may enjoy the Windows Phone 7 ads that came out this week.

Season of the Witch is a teaser intro to the key insight "Failure to Focus"

“Really” continues the message and makes it personal

…..snippet from Mark's Smiling At Strangers

As I walked into the building that morning, it was clear I was a businessman among students. Dress slacks, dress shirt, long trench coat, briefcase. The students were in jeans and sweats. Heads down, ipods playing. Totally self-absorbed.

You might ask, how did I know they were totally self-absorbed? Because after walking by between 50 and 100 students, not one of them acknowledged me, helped me, smiled at me, spoke to me. When I wandered back and forth in the main lobby by at least 50 students, clearly with a look of 'where am I' on my face, no one offered to help me.