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I am happy to finally join as a Premium member. I have been listening to MT for about 1 year after my brother's recommendation. I really like what I hear. I am a solo-practicing dentist with a staff of 4 FT and 3 PT employees. I've been practicing for 10 years and owned my practice for the past 5. I am evolving into an "Invitation Only" general practice (ala Dr. Paddi Lund of Australia - The Happiness Centered Business) and the transition has it's bumps, but it is progressing, especially in the last 6 months. My original Office Manager (DV) has evolved into my Performance/Vision Coach and has recruited and been training my current Business Manager (JM) for nearly a year. Both women are fantastic and just as passionate and committed to DR. (Done Right) as I am.

Q1) I wish to delegate implementing MT principles into my practice, especially the Trilogy, to JM. I am focusing on being the Director and Primary Producer and thus stepping away from my historic "Nice-Guy" boss management style. I have purchased an iPod for her and am downloading all the past podcasts. Where do you suggest I begin with her?

Q2) DM and I are familiar with and frequently use DISC profiling (picked up from her past experience with LVI) but the rest of the staff (save 1) know it. Can you suggest a good way to get everyone on board?

Looking forward to your feedback.
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Welcome to the forums, Dr. Sunshine!

Don't delegate the trinity. The rule is simple: the person who does the one-on-ones is the person who decides salary and bonus at year end. If you control their "addiction to food, clothing, and shelter," then you need to handle the trinity for those people yourself.

That means that at least one person (maybe JM) gets O3's with you. If JM has the authority to do year end reviews (or the equivalent) for everyone, then they should do the O3s.

Don't worry about getting everyone on board with DiSC. Make sure good management practices are put in place first. Once folks see how effective the org is, then you can point out some of the tools you use. Not everyone will be enamored...but most will see the value.


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I agree with you John. You surmised correctly that it is JM that is being trained to do Year End reviews and such as the staff are her directs. All staff were my directs previously, so I am doing as much as I can to "Pass the Torch" and empower her in this new role. If I hear you correctly, while JM does the O3s with the staff, I should be doing the O3s with JM as she is my direct.

This works well for me my time is very limited and highly scheduled. I cannot delegate the "drill & fill" (that statement is such a disservice to what I really do, which is Individual Care, One Happy Smile at a Time... but it works) to anyone else. Since we both need to learn O3 and the "roll it out", do you suggest listening to the O3 podcasts with her and then listen to the recent "How to Roll Out the O3" podcasts? Is this the best place to begin? How about the conferences? Pros/Cons welcome.

I feel it is important that JM learns and embraces DiSC. I could use a refresher as well. How can I go about getting the questionaire and learning resources? To one posted to the MT site looks more detailed than the Scratch & Score 4 page one I first saw in 2000.


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Revisiting the "Basics" podcasts is indeed a good idea. Whether you do so together or not, that's your call (I listen alone in the car during my too-long commute.)

The conference is really good.

Your ability to set a good example (do the O3's, provide feedback, etc) is probably most important.

As for DISC, try posting that question specifically in the General Management area and seeing if one of our DISC Mavens joins the conversation...