I recently introduced an intra-company social network (like a private Facebook) so that employees could create and participate in free-form discussions. Some of these discussions are strictly business (e.g. issues related to new product launch) and some are more personal (e.g. birthday wishes and here's a picture of my new puppy).

HR reported to me (CEO) that 8 employees had complained about the appropriateness of such a social network in a business environment. Flabbergasted, CEO met personally with all 24 employees to try to understand the nature of the complaint. All except 2 said they liked having the opportunity to share business and personal content with everyone on the network (including pictures of puppies).

So my questions are:

1) What happened to the 8 people who complained to HR?
2) Was it really one person who complained and claimed to represent 7 others?
3) Should HR be held responsible for helping to fan the flames of complaint?
4) Are the complainers likely to change their tune when confronted by the CEO?
5) Should the CEO try to get to the bottom of it, or drop the matter?

Your thoughts...thanks!