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This might seem like a silly question, but it's a sincere one.  As I'm giving feedback, I'm noticing that I'm giving feedback not only to my directs, but their directs and even my skip level's directs.  I'm not sure if that's the most effective way I should be approaching this.

Should I be giving my skip level's directs feedback? 

Should I be coaching my skip level on giving feedback to her directs? 

Should I be coaching my direct on coaching his direct on giving her directs feedback?

I know the right answer is probably just a resounding 'YES'!


I would appreciate any thoughts.



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So, I would love to receive affirming feedback from a couple of levels up. 

Would it be best to give the feedback if it's affirming, but coach their boss if it's adjusting?  Just a thought

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You should be coaching your directs on how to give feedback.  They should be focused on their people;  you should focus on them.  

You risk undermining your directs.  You likely underestimate how seriously any feedback coming from two or three levels up is taken - folks who get feedback from their boss's boss's boss may think this is the most important thing in the company right now.   It's hard for you to make it "no big deal" given your role power. 

John Hack