Been a while since I've actually posted in here; feels good to be back.

BLUF: Our department changes teams every 2-6 months (can I use galactically stupid here?) and it's difficult to ever roll out feedback.


We're in a call center environment (6a-10p, 7 days/week), and there's been a push to encourage us to coach all of our reps similarly. In addition, we have a shift bid for our reps every 2 months or so (based on seniority), and shift reps to match up with times supervisors are working. As an example, those working a 6a-2p shift match up with the supervisor working that schedule. I'll have 10 directs under the new team structure.

For the past 2 months, I've had a team and started w/ O3's (only 15 min/week, due to call volume issues). Results were fantastic, and my team showed the greatest performance improvement over that time. Other peers of mine were irritated that I took my team off the phones weekly, but my boss (and her boss) were excited about the results and don't really care about my methods as long as they work and are ethical.

But now my team (80% of it, at least) is changing. Were I following the roll out to the letter, I would still have 4-6 weeks of O3's before introducing 2 reps to feedback. And I may not get to the point of even introducing feedback to the other 8 by the time we change teams up again.

As always, 99% of what we do is good stuff that doesn't get proper recognition and I would prefer an easy way to recognize it, rather than praise. Also, we're taught to treat stuff that goes wrong as exceedingly negative and formally document coaching situations where errors occur (that could be easily corrected via negative feedback).

There's risk in introducing both simultaneously. I know that.

If I were to go 8 weeks of O3's and include positive feedback (before introducing negative feedback), what issues would I run into? Is this something to consider, or do I just continue w/ O3's and let those run their course, knowing that we'll never be fully able to harness the power of the full trinity?