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Hello fellow MT folks,

I had been putting off buying a personal license for a long time, but finally gave in. Long time listener, first time caller.

I'm currently a Director ("L8") at one of the large tech companies in silicon valley (FAANG) and am trying to break into the executive levels, but have been struggling a lot to figure things out while also just surviving the current role. While the lower levels of these companies have rather systematized promotion & interviews, the highest levels clearly don't. My professional network also has largely gone the Architect/CTO route rather than people management, so I don't have a ton of feedback from folks I trust.

To Mark & Mike - thanks for everything so far, I don't think I ever would have gotten out of "tech lead of small group of 10 folks" without your podcast. Who does what by when, build the relationship, and of course the MT Trinity.

The user name comes from the book that got me to understanding I'd actually enjoy technical management - Peopleware by Timothy Lister and Tom DeMarco.

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I read the same book.