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I recently changed companies and took over managing a team that was managed by my current boss. He was promoted and I filled his slot. I have 10 directs, and two of them have directs as well.

He (my predecessor and boss) held a bi-weekly staff meeting which included some of the skip-level teammates, and it was a "round-the-table" review of current status and recent accomplishments. I continued that meeting in that format as I have become acclimated and initiated one-on-ones

My question - how do I get the skips out of the staff meeting without ruffling feathers and/or hurting feelings?

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I'm not sure that you need to give up this meeting completely.
You may wish to re-tool it and rebrand it.

Here is what I have done with such a meeting - maybe it would helpful in your situation.

I can have up to 20 Directs and Skips in the Weekly All staff meeting.
It is the only time all of the staff see each other or even hear from each other.
To me It is important that folks have a passing knowledge about what everyone is doing and working on.
So here is how I do it :
1 - Director's Waterfall
2 - Director's Admin's Waterfall
3 - Brief Headlines from each staff member at the meeting -- 2 (no more than 5) min each
- 2 things that you did /  worked on last week -  # of tickets filled - Transactions completed - Meetings you went to - only mention the highlights of the week.
- 2 things that you are planning on doing this coming week
- your weekly Radar -- Expected time-out - schedule changes - any rumors from around the organization
++ If a Staff member starts talking more than 2-5 min for headlines I ask their Supervisor to give them feedback. ++
* So far only 30 to 45 min are used  (most folks don't even get to 2 min)
++ If their headlines lack substabnce - I ask their supervisor to help them improve reporting++

* Next is the rest of the Staff Meeting agenda ---  Anything on that agenda that does not concern certain staff members -- You may dismiss those people. 

The First Week of the month -  the Second part of the staff meeting is dedicated to our remote Location
The Second Week is only for the Manager team
The Third & Forth Weeks are for special projects.

The result ----  An all hands meeting for less than 45 min ---  then most of the Folks get to check out early.

** I ask all of the Staff to block out 1.5 hours for the meeting just in case a big topic comes up.
** Most of them are happy to get out at 45 min.

That's my method.
I hope this was helpful
Good Luck.