In beginning to the cast's you mention a subscriber version that will include shownotes. Two questions: how far away is that? will you go back and create show notes for past shows?

Thanks again for all you do, the resolving conflict podcast was terrific.

Michael Cummings

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We're probably only about a week away from rolling out the premium membership. Initially, we'll have transcripts of many, but not all, of the past shows. Over time, we'll get those as well.



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Mike / Mark,

One other question on this topic of premium content. Once you roll out the subscription service and offer the premium content, how do you plan to make older premium content available?

I think you're planning to implement a monthly subscription model (which you guys undoubtedly deserve for the valuable content). I'm not sure if that monthly subscription is intended to give a person access to all current and earlier premium content. (For example, if someone subscribes 6 months from now, will they get access to the premium content before they subscribed?) Or will you sell the premium content in 1-month chunks? Or some other method that you've come up with?

As always, thanks for serving this community of people -- and congrats on winning the Business category at You and your work here are definitely worthy of all the accolades (and upcoming subscriptions!).


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We keep thinking we're clear... but we're learning we're not. ;-)

You'll get premium content for the casts that are distributed while you're a subscriber. If a cast is released now, and you subscribe next month, your subscription won't entitle you to that premium content. (Otherwise, there would be no incentive to subscribe. ;-) )

On the other hand, we will be making available premium content for older shows (the podcasts of which we plan on leaving for free forever). Other than those we provide as incentives in our initial marketing (surely one on ones, coaching etc), you'll be able to purchase premium content for any show for some small amount - maybe 5 or 10 bucks. It won't all be available immediately - we're worried about bandwidth and I have some work to do on some. But fairly soon.

Does this answer your question?


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Thanks for the reply. You answered all of my questions.


Michael Cummings

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Thanks for the reply. Clearly you guys have thought through all this. I just hadn't heard or read anything that spelled this out. (Maybe I'm not looking in the right places! :wink: )

I had been concerned / curious about the incentive to subscribe . . . relative to older premium content. You've made it clear, I think.

It's basically like a traditional magazine subscription. While you're subscribed, you get the premium content. But you can also purchase archived premium content, a la carte.

Thanks much!