I have two directs. I do one-on-ones with them weekly. They each have two directs.

I'm wondering if you'd suggest a weekly staff meeting with myself and just the two of them OR myself, the two of them and their two directs? My manager already has a weekly staff meeting that she leads which includes myself and my two directs.

Is it redundant to have the three person staff meeting considering we do one-on-ones and this other meeting?
My concern about adding their directs is that I don't want to make it feel like I'm micro managing their staff.

Thanks - absolutely love your podcasts and advice.

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I have to admit that in this situation I would probably not have a staff meeting, though I don't know if there is a right answer.

How many other directs does your boss have?  If your boss's staff meeting is large enough you could ask to separate your staff, but I probably wouldn't. If your boss's staff meeting is relatively small I think you have a span of control problem - and the solution that problem would probably make your original question irrelevant. Don't know if this paragraph is helpful or not.

I would probably leave the entire situation as-is. 

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I would still have a weekly staff meeting.

In this meeting you can share what the action items are from your manager's meeting and spend more time discussing.  This is also an opportunity to share other information that you have from higher up and what it means to your team.  Your two directs will have tiime to interact with you and each other and this will provide a forum for information sharing and team building.

This will also free your O3 from these items giving you more time to build your relationship with your directs.

You are correct, don't include the skips. 

Let's us know how you proceed and how it goes!!


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Appreciate your insight (both of you)!



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I would recommend a staff meeting. We only have two directs on our team and ours is very useful. I would encourage you to listen to the cast on Giving Updates In Staff Meetings (link below). The things that we share in staff are not things that always make our 03s. Additionally, the staff meeting updates allow for 03s to be more personal, should your direct choose to share those things. The purpose of the 03 is to build relationships. The purpose of the staff meeting is efficient organizational and team communication. Totally different ideas!

For your directs, more face time with you is valuable. Additionally, even though we feel like there is enough communication, there never can be. Even in our small team, things get confusing. The staff meeting increases your level of communication with your directs and their communication with each other. Win win! 

I hope this helps,