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Should I do anything to limit the use of the phrase "One-on-One?"

As I have rolled the trinity down through my directs and skips, I am seeing other's outside my Branch set meetings with the title "One-on-One." These "imposter One-on-One's" are not recognizable as an O3 per MT guidance. I have even been invited to "One-on-Ones" with multiple people. One such "multi-person O3" was a vendor pitching their product to half a dozen staff. Maybe that would be called an O7???

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I'd suggest you can't control what others are calling their meetings.  That's outside your sphere of influence, unless they report to you.  Perhaps use Peer Feedback if necessary but that's probably not worth the effort as what would the value of the outcome be?  If your O3s are in line with MT guidance, then let the thing speak for itself - pretty soon, those who have been to both your O3 and someone else's will know what to expect in yours, regardless of the label.  


I reckon you'd spent a lot of time and energy one something that isn't going to reap you any reward.