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Hello all,

I have been offered a new position in my department last Friday.  Today, my "new" boss asked me if it was possible to push back my vacation (AUG 8@24).  My partner and I had planned these 6 months prior (house rentals appox3000$ CAN for 2 weeks).  I told him I have to see if we can cancel the rental without fees and that my partner agreed to push is vacation too.  Unfortunatly we find out we cant cancel the rental.  I feel bad about that and have to give him an answer tomorrow.  Any thoughts, solution, point of view would be more than welcome.  Thanks. 

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The question I'd ask myself is how much organizational capital do you have?  If you've been offered a new position, it's clear they value you.  Are you an A player the department can't function without?

How's your relationship with the new boss?  Are they someone you've worked for before and have a good relationship or is this starting fresh?

How long was the vacation known about?  Has it been on the calendar since you put the deposit down 6 months ago or did you just put it in this month?  Technically, since the company giveth the vacation, they can take it away.  That being said, it's not a great look for one of the new boss's first actions to be asking you to move something that has been planned for 6 months.

Why are they asking you to move the vacation?  Is it to train a replacement or train up on the new job, things that don't seem time sensitive?  Or, is there a push for a project everyone needs to pitch in on?  Are others being asked to re-arrange schedules?

Sorry I'm not providing answers, just more questions.  There's a lot to consider.  Were it me, I'd be pretty firm about not moving the vacation.  You're going to forfit a significant financial sum as well as the mental strain.  Unless there's a very compelling reason, the boss should be very understanding.  From a manager standpoint, unless the business is going to shut down, I'd never ask an employee to move/cancell vacation.  I worked for a very hard charging, type A micromanager for a couple of years.  He had no problem calling me at all hours for the smallest of tasks.  But, if someone was on vacation, unless it was going to have a significant financial impact that the Street would notice, he wouldn't touch that.

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Thanks for the reply it was very helpful.  It is a position that did not exist before and I have to start from scratch down.  This is the reason why this was asked of me.   I had 2 weeks of vacation.  I was able to cancel the last week of our vacations but not the first due to the high amount of the fees.  As result I am keeping the first week and my boss was happy and thanked me about that.  And yes I confirm it was mentally straining.  My partner accept to cut the vacation in half.  It was not easy for him.  Hope it's the last time I have to go trought this kind of situation.  Thanks again!  Sophie