Hi Everyone,

I have just recently listened to your podcast “Sharing personal information with your boss” and I have a question.

I accepted a job offer in an African Country and I will start in 3 weeks. However, due to visa regulations in this country, I have to come back to Portugal where I live in the end of July to apply to the work permit. This will take approximately 4 weeks until it is ready. Meanwhile, I will be working in the Lisbon’s office of the company.

I want to ask my boss up-front if I can take a week while I am waiting for the work permit, since it is summer holidays season and I had this week planned for a long time.

The reason I want to take this week off is because I am Zen student and want to attend a retreat. Should I tell my boss the reason for taking the week off? I am afraid that if I tell him he won’t understand and as you said, I can’t assume that my boss will keep it confidential. On the other hand, if I don’t tell him, he’ll think that I already want to go on holidays, just 2 months after starting working.

Any advice on what should I do?

Thanks and congrats on your podcasts.