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Thank you for the "Share Your Knowledge" cast. And recommended alongside the "Your Black Book" cast.

Had me thinking of my some of unoffical work mottos, "Be generous with what you know." "Be generous with your appreciation." And "no one person knowledge." Learning, praise, and succession values.

On sharing shortcuts, the cast gives the great MT example of sharing the list of downloads needed for a computer. A tool that benefits new hires onboarding (thank you Andrew). Love that. Plus, I'm definitely adding the company's HEX colours to my black book (thank you Wendii).

In the spirit of knowledge sharing via forum, anyone have other shortcut shares they love to share out - either broad themes/types or examples. Open invite to make your knowledge visible here and inspire the next great share in our own orgs.

*And also if Wendii or others willing to share a version example of their computer download list :)


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SOP : standard operating procedure.

I've shared with my workplace team my 'software developer' set for starting and ending a work-day, a work-week, a work-month, and a work-quarter.

Example -- just grabbing one open on my personal laptop -- it's time for my monthly household bookkeeping ....


SOP finances monthly

As of 2021-03-19


+/  update spreadsheet tabs from GnuCash reports -- work left-to-right

+/  verify on-track for FI

+/  print out monthly "reckoning" tab

+/  tape print-out into financial logbook, annotate

+/  clear all taxable-brokerage-account loose cash to clearing account

+/  arrange any business draws for upcoming month

+/  replenish emergency-fund from upside-portfolio

+/  rebalance investments if appropriate

+/  update financial plan in ""