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Should I set business goals for my directs on KPIs that we already regularly achieve? Or should I set business goals for other things they need to do that are less of a priority but imprtant, assuming the priorityKPI is just business as usual and simply needs maintenance? There's a climate in my highly people focussed company of setting more achievable goals so we have more people that meet and exceed expectations on end of year reviews.

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Is it possible that the question should not be in which category or level the KPIs are, but whether the KPIs are specific and measurable?

Defining objectives / measuring success often boils down to how specific the objectives are.

"Is reliable," while being an important trait, is not specifically measurable and is too vague to answer with a "Meets" or "Doesn't Meet."

"Shows up on time" is specific, measurable, and can be answer with "Meets" or "Doesn't Meet."

Another example would be, "Completes Projects in a Timely Manner," compared with, "Attains Sucessful Completion of Projects by Deadline at least 80% of the time." Specific, measurable.

We had a problem with effectiveness and evaluation of stated objectives, and we discovered that our stated objectives were not specific enough. In rewriting the objectives and measurements, what seemed like an over-simplification of objectives at the time, turned out to greatly improve our effectiveness not only of evaluations, but of communication of our mission to employees.