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This appears to be the place for self introductions.

I am a US expatriate working in Dubai for a medium-sized electrical services company. I'm in charge of the projects side of the company, while my counterpart runs the jobs side.

I recently came across the podcasts while looking for... well, while looking for manager tools podcasts, though I had never heard of Manager Tools or your podcasts before my search.

I could post more, but I tend to get verbose, so I'll leave it at "Thanks for the great tools." I have only signed up for the free membership so far, mostly so I could participate in the forums. If I can continue to listen and implement the tools, then I'll assuredly sign up for one of the premium memberships.

Just a suggestion: Mention your website more prominently on the podcasts. For those of us who came across the podcasts by themselves, there's no indication that there is a website associated with the lectures until I heard a reference to downloading the forms. I thought you might be a radio show team at first.


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