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How should I implement MT guidance in my first 30/60/90 days as a first-time manager inheriting a virtual team?  What  should be the order of my MT "First Time Manager of a Virtual Team" custom playlist?

I am listening to the MT casts that apply to new jobs, new directs, inheriting a team, virtual teams, O3's, and rolling out the Trinity, but I need some direction in implementing an effective plan for managing my virtual team. I want to be more effective than my previous manager, a fellow High D who stayed in his default High D mode and didn't build relationships or communicate proactively.

What I've done thus far...

  • Started listening to the First 90 Days Casts
  • Finished my first round of calls with my team members using the "New Direct--First Day" MT cast content (Be Honest, Be Kind, Achieve Results) as the first 10-15 minutes, then 10-15 minutes to discuss their 2018 work goals and confirm availability for a face to face team meeting--80% of their time is in the field with customers, so we need to plan out several weeks in advance.

What I'm planning to do next...

  • Connect with them next week at our regional team training/meeting and determine a day for us the following week to have our first staff meeting via WebEx video conferencing.
  • Review the MT casts on meetings  

What I need guidance on...

  • What needs to be on the agenda for my first WebEx staff meeting?  Do I use my staff meetings to address other guidance from the New Direct casts, other items, or a combination? 
  • What should be a "non-negotiable" on the first staff meeting agenda before I consult with my High S boss for her input?
  • What to do next--what changes to plan next, when to brief on O3's, how long to wait before rolling out the MT virtual team cast guidance on weekly updates, and so forth?