As part of a goals discussion, I was recently given some feedback by my manager to be more "self-promoting". According to him, this will better my chances for promotion by making my good work more visible to senior executives.

I thanked him and accepted the challenge! Believe me, I am more than aware that this kind of positive feedback is rare and it's given me a great opportunity.

Being somewhat of a high S/high C, I am not a natural at this kind of thing. I prefer to work quietly and steadily in the background, slowly improving and excelling. What approach do you all suggest for me here? One thing I've thought about: sending out email updates on my team's accomplishments to senior management. Is this a good idea? I've even considered just getting out of my office and walking around the building to "comunicate informally upwards" to whatever exec I happen to run across. Any other suggestions for "tooting my own horn" the MT way?

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I did a little research and it seems there is a branch of Psychology called "Impression Management" that might give me some insight. Am I overthinking? Maybe I should read "Influence" after all...

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You are overthinking. No need for psychology!

Both of your ideas sound meritorious, but it's too hard to tell what the issue is to be certain. For now, try:

- speaking up more in meetings. One more comment per meeting, that's all.

- Engaging more senior managers/execs after meetings. 1 senior exec per week, that's all. The discussions will give you opportunities to look better to them. Yes, it's possible you could actually pat yourself on the back during a chat, but it's usually not necessary.

- And toot your horn about your TEAM to your BOSS, in one on ones or other forums, and see what kind of feedback he gives you to help you adjust your behaviors with others.