I’m mentoring a person who used to be my direct; I’m now her supervisor’s supervisor.  I want to find podcasts/show notes that I can use or that I can have her listen to or read that address or touch on the issues noted below.  I’ve been searching around for myself but thought the forum might have suggestions or favorites.  
• Organization 101.  The basics—what an organization is and how it works (i.e., it’s different from the university experience—different norms, rules, and expectations).  I’ve listened to podcasts that remark on the value of the organization (as a societal concept), but I’m not certain if there are any podcasts that are geared toward explaining that from the inside-out for those new to the experience.
• Communication vs. trust.  Something—anything—that could help me address/correct the notion that requests/requirements related to reporting/communicating status, tasks, and plans imply management’s lack of trust and/or lack of confidence in an individual.  Oy.  I find many younger (smart and fairly hard-working) employees have internalized this idea, which I perceive as a form of business naivety.  And while my inclination is to box their ears, I’ve coached and given feedback on this topic multiple times.  The forces driving this thought process are varied and rarely stated:  genuine personal or professional insecurity; a misunderstanding about what it means to have responsibility in an organization; a bohemian outlook that the Man is micromanaging me, and I’m sure they don’t do it this way at Google; and a lack of understanding or appreciation for why other people need to/should know what’s going on. Consequently, I’ve taken many different tacks to address this, but it would be great if I had additional info or ideas to assist.  
• Meetings 101.  Being new to attending meetings and how to contribute in a positive and effective way (e.g., what gets offered/said in the meeting vs. what is handled pre- or post-meeting).  
My plan is to put together a packet of show notes that she can read and that we can discuss.  We’re a small company, but I find that most of the MT/CT advice translates well.  At the end of the day, people are people. 
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If you have any budget (it's really pretty affordable) I'd recommend starting with the First Job Fundamentals right here at MT. From there, I'd recommend having him or her download the Career Tools app and take a look at the basics section within that app. It has some great career tools casts in there. 

Good luck!


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Hi Burton,

There's a huge amount of info in the casts under Professional Success / Professionalism (including the $49 First Job Fundamentals) in the Map of the Universe.  Almost all of these are free.

Also worth looking at would be the section Professional Success / Politics.    Pleanty of really good information in there about how organisations work.   And Professional Success / Personal Productivity

Another great cast is and part 2

Perhaps look at Communication and Communication / Reporting

That should get you started.

Hope that helps


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Thanks mmcconkie and Kevin1 for the suggestions—very much appreciated.