I have worked in Retail for the majority of my working years and I am getting to the point where I feel completely burnt out; I am hoping someone can help me generate ideas for new opportunities and challenges.

I started working for a big box retailer as a Supervisor and switched companies a couple years ago to become an Assistant Manager for a non-profit retail organization.  Although I like what I do, as I stated earlier, I feel very burnt out.  All of the stores I have worked for have been extremely fast paced and the most recent store I am working for has several employee issues due to the demographic of my location. 

I am anticipating to complete my Bachelor's in Business Management within the next year, and I have 8 years of retail experience.  I have conducted internet searches, but have not been able to find much in regards to job opportunities I would be qualified for, which is why I am seeking guidance from the members on this site.  

I have mostly worked Operations, but I do have sales floor experience. 

Please help me seek out new opportunities.


Thank you.