I went to a conference last week and during the conference I thought - you know, there's got to be a 'manager tools' approach to going to conferences!. I go to one per year, so it's not like I do this all the time and have it down.

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Yep. Later this year. :wink:

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I just got back from two conferences, the Design Management Institute in Vermont, and AIGA's GAIN, and had a great time at both (the best conference I've been to in my life was DMI). That said, I would love to have had an MT podcast to prepare me. I have another conference (American Marketing Association's mPlanet at Walt Disney World) coming up on November 28, and if you guys can have this conference-going podcast ready ahead of that, I will be one happy camper, err, conference-goer.

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[size=18]How about a Podcast on phone interviews.[/size]