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Hello MT Community,

Looking for some opinions on this situation: I have a management opening and a candidate who interviewed w/ my counterpart several months back has re-applied for my current opening. This individual did fine in the interview, was clearly "rusty" (had been with the same company for 10+ years), and was bested by another candidate.

Upon seeing my job posting, the candidate sent a message to my counterpart highlighting his less than stellar performance due to not invterviewing in many years. They were generally looking for an ensorsement for another chance.

The question on the table: would you give this person a second chance to compete for the position? 

On paper the resume is strong, fits all requirements to do the job extremely well.

Appreciate the collective wisdom of the community!

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Jason T.


I think you would need to ask a few simple questions :


Was this candidate for the earlier position merely "bested" or were they "rejected" ?


If they were rejected - and received a "No" what was the reason ?  Does that reason still persist ?


What exactly did they do or say in the previous interview that lead to a "no". 

Is it somthing that they could improve upon ?

Answering these question may help you make your decision

Good Luck.