I was lucky enough to attend the conference today in Seattle.
Some of the highlights for me were: 

  • While I did not ask many direct questions, it was a great opportunity to observe both Mark and Mike in action.
  • The role playing opportunities were invaluable to seeing the material in action with feedback from Mark and Mike throughout.
  • There were people from all stratas of organizations; large corporations to start ups and new managers to CIOs.
  • Did I mention direct interaction with Mark and Mike?

Today’s session was a great experience for me and I was glad that I was able to bring one of my directs to share that experience as well as some of my peers. 

Thanks for a most awesome day!

PS - As a side note to my fellow attendees, if you are interested in on-going discussions or meet ups, please feel free to send me a private message and I will be sure to include you on invites.


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Yesterday's conference was a wonderful opportunity to work directly with Mark and Mike. Since I'm only about four weeks out from implementing feedback with my team, I found the chance to observe and practice feedback to be invaluable.


It was wonderful to meet you all, and to Parul's comment above, I would welcome the chance for ongoing discussions and meetups. As you requested, I'll also send a private message.



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Hi Jason and Parul!

Scott from Canada here!   Remember me?  Jason should since I sat beside him lol.

I'm so happy, not bitter that I made the long trip to Seattle from Saskatoon even though as soon as I arrived, Mark said they were coming to Saskatoon (in the fall I think?).   It figures ; >. 

What a long but exciting and enriching Tuesday. 

Mark's energy throughout the entire day was beyond belief.

Talk about motivational!  Both Mark and Mike are truly inspirational and exceptional individuals who together make such an awesome team.

I really enjoyed Mark's rants about the bigger picture and what they are trying to accomplish.  It also made me look deeper and allow for a greater wider perspective.  These theories and techniques can change the world!

Going through the scenarios via role playing was indeed invaluable and absolutely necessary to get us to practice providing the feedback and coaching in a simple and brief yet extremely effective manner.  It was fun too! 

I got to chat more with Mark as we shared a shuttle ride to the airport bright and early Wednesday morning at 4:30AM.  We almost got launched into the windshield of the van as it got cut off by a careless driver.   

Mark is a very down to Earth guy which is impressive that he is able to keep that demeanor since he and Mike have worked with a lot of huge billion/million dollar corporations as well as the U.S. government and specifically President George Bush to fine tune their managing skills.  Mark and Mike are pretty much celebrities but yet, they are so humble and modest.

I've been doing One on One's for over a year now but now I can be much more effective in them and better provide feedback and coaching to my directs.


Use Manager tools and as Mark and Mike mentioned over and over, you as managers have more power than you think! 

Remember to use your power for good!