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Hello Manager Tools Community,

I work for a 42 person 501(c)3 non-profit CRO toxicity testing lab. I am pleased to say that with the guidance I've received from Manager Tools over the years I've worked my way from a QA/Client Services Associate, through head of QA, to Director of QA and Client Services, to my current role of VP of Business Operations (which includes over site of contract IT and some additional projects). I'm beginning to learn more about the financial side of our business in preparation for a future role as an officer of the company. I have a biology degree and experience with our laboratory techniques and the regulatory compliance of the work we do. I am lacking in knowledge about accounting in general, and specifically the nuances of non-profit accounting. I also have not had any direct contact with our Board of Directors yet, but will be expected to work with them in the future. 

I have reached out to some individuals within the Society of Quality Assurance (which I am a member of), but I don't have many connections who can help me with the financial and board interactions mentoring or coaching that I am looking for. I did a search of the forums here and found mention of SCORE and have filled out an application for a mentor through them. 

Are there any other recommendations for where I can search for a mentor or coach to help me fill in the gaps in my knowledge?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can provide.


Amanda Ulrey

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You might try Dan McGuire.  He is a long time MT guy and is a top notch coach.  The website for his firm is

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Amanda,  I am in the process of completing my Assoicate Coaching Certificate from the International Coaching Federation.  I am accepting new clients.  I can arrange for a Zoom call if you are interested in discussion potential coaching options.