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The Score Takes Care of Itself - My Philosophy Of Leadership by Bill Walsh Lots of great insights, stories and personal reflections in this book. Since reading it for the first time I find myself going back to it frequently for advice and inspiration.  Whatever I say about it won't be adequate, it is a brilliant read. Zero points for winning is a section late in the book that really helped me at a difficult time recently.  Having budgeted for growth this year revenue has been flat. After a shocker in June, I was dreading an upcoming review with my boss.  Sure enough I got the tap on my shoulder and was informed that I would be replaced.  After all the hard work on improving our people, processes and strategies the results have not come.  Just a few days before meeting with the boss, I read from Walsh's book: " are putting yourself on a slippery slope when you start believing that the outcome of your effort represents or embodies who you really are as a person - what your value as a person a fight you go as hard as you can, do all you're capable of doing, knowing that ultimately, while you can influence the result to a greater or lesser degree, you do not control the result...If your hard work is coupled with intelligence and talent, you may win. If not, you go back to work and get ready for the next fight without feeling that somehow, having given everything you've got, you are somehow inadequate as a person, that you didn't measure up. You can't let that happen to yourself." Great words of wisdom.  As it turns out, while told that I would be replaced, my boss also offered me a job in an area that I feel stronger in and in which I feel I can make a valuable contribution.  The score taking care of itself perhaps?