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There was a thread for the Dulles intros. I thought it was such a good idea, here we go again!

My name is Will Duke. I own/manage a technical service company based out of Sun Valley, Idaho. The business opened in Feb '98. We are in our 10th year!

I'm a great guy, but a mediocre manager. I've learned a lot and become more effective with the MT podcasts.

We have implemented the O3s, but I haven't done a great job with feedback and coaching. I am very much looking forward to the conference and practicing.

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Duke -

It takes a high I/S to start a thread like this! (and another high I/S to reply!)

I'm a Director about 25 folks in a midsize health-care company's IT department. I've been listening to M-T for over two years. I have implemented O3s for quite a while, and have recently actively rolled out the Feedback model & Coaching Model.

Though I've listened to every cast at least twice, I still want more direction/feedback on how to improve even further. I can't wait for the conference!

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A fellow Idahoan! I didn't know any existed on MT. Cool! Now we can have an excuse for a Meet Up! Mike and Mark, get ready to come West! :D

I am Dan Stratton and am an IT manager at SuperValu, formerly Albertsons. I have been onto Manager Tools about 18 months now. I started management in a small software company 'back at the turn of the century'. Since then I have moved over to IT Operations with a very large company. Quite a difference in everything. I really enjoy managing and am very pleased with the results from implementing O3s and DISC with my team. I, too, need practice on feedback and coaching.

I tried to get in to the last conference and missed it by the skin of my teeth. All's well that ends well, as my director was all primed and ready to approve this one.

Looking forward to meeting ya'll (need to start practicing the language).

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Welcome all! Mike and I are already tweaking and enhancing the conference core for you all, and we can hardly wait.



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Hello to all. I've just completed my registration, and can hardly wait for September to come.

My name is Craig Cleveland. I'm a IT Project Manager for Wyeth. While I don't currently have direct reports, I have lots of "matrix" relationships with my projects. I have had DRs in the past and look forward to continuing to grow going forward. I am especially hoping to look how I can practice the basic M-T tools and adapt them into the project environment.



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Signed up for the conference this week and am excited to meet everyone.

I am an engineering manager for an interactive TV company. All of my directs are senior level engineers so I appreciate all of the jokes about IT companies on the casts. :)

Also, I am hoping to grab drinks and/or dinner with some fellow attendees on the night before the conference.

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Hello! I am a manager at a large Canadian telecommunications company of a team of 15 people, responsible for the implementation and support of data and voice systems for enterprise customers. I have been in this role for almost three years, after being in technical and team lead roles for about the prior ten years.

I have been a Manager Tools listener since its inception, and have found the information and techniques to be extremely valuable and effective, although I have only implemented them to some extent.

I am very much looking forward to the conference in September, for the opportunity to meet and work with all those attending, and to practice the skills necessary to increase my management effectiveness.


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Hello. I am in charge of the R&D department for eshots, an interactive marketing company based in Chicago. For the last two years, I have been doing this job virtually from Cincinnati, Ohio. Manager Tools, especially One on Ones has been a major component of my effectiveness in managing my remote team.

I picked up on the Manager Tools podcasts about 4 months after its inception and have passed it along to current and former colleagues. In fact, one of my directs, who as of this year is now managing a team for us will be joining me at this conference.

I am really looking forward to practicing, practicing, practicing feedback and learning more about the coaching model.

Can't wait to meet everyone.

- mark

Mark Homer
eshots, inc.
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Hey all. Pretty jazzed about attending the upcoming conference!

My name is Bill Bott, and I'm a new IT manager who has had the pleasure of learning effective management tools and skills from Mark & Mike. The podcasts have been a viable and practical means of indoctrinating myself into this career change. I'm very grateful for Mark & Mike's service.

If the conference exceeds what I've already learned, then I expect to be blown away!! (no pressure M&M) :D

See you all there.

Bill Bott
7-3-1-1 (Developer)

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I'm looking forward to the conference and meeting you guys.

I'm a manager of an R&D group and an avid listener to MT from the start. I have found the info in the podcasts invaluable and based on what I've read in the previous discussion forum from the last conference ([url][/url]) am looking forward to some feedback to help me improve.

See you there.

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Mike Peterson here. I am the manager of the civil engineering group for a power design office up here in Minnesota. I have been listening since the first of the year (07) and have found Manager Tools to be an incredible resource in developing as a manager. I look at my first year and a half as a manager and realize I had some vague ideas about how things should be done, but no real plan on how to implement these ideas. Manager Tools has given me the road map for being a great manager, of course it is up to me to make it happen. I have been doing O3's with my staff since February, but I have struggled to incorporate the feedback model into my management toolbag. One of my main goals for the conference is to improve my comfort level and delivery of feedb

I'm a High S/I 1-7-5-3 (Agent) combo here. Funny that this group seems to weighted towards the I/S profiles. Some of the forum surveys indicate that the MT listeners are more often D's.

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Hello. My name is Miguel Hernandez, regional manager at Holcim Apasco (ready-mix concrete).
With reports in seven different states (23 plants in 13 cities in northeast Mexico), I´ve focused on implementing one-on-one´s and feedback basically. Great tools.
See you in september.