I'm really interested in the upcoming conference. I'm a dentist with a small office-staff of 12. Obviously not the larger corporate world and not much of a business background. I'm curious as to any thoughts on how out of place I might be or maybe this is just the ticket for someone such as myself.

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Hi tg4dk!

Speaking as an attendee of the April conference, most of what was presented there will be directly applicable to your situation. By all means, go!

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I echo what Paul said. Frankly, what I learned actually spilled over into to my personal life. I think it's a worthwhile experience for anyone with a job - period.

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To whom it may concern,

Do you have a dream to be more effective in your professional life? Do you want to spend 2 days with a phenomenal (and I don't spell that lightly!!) team of coaches and 99 other attendees who WILL make the experience carreer changing?

Then simply attend the conference.

The Washington conference has given me tools to manage and the confidence to use them. My performance as a manager is MEASURABLY better for attending this.

It will be fantastic, and I'm actually quite jealous as I would love to go again.

- John

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Even though it's probably not needed, I will echo the other three April conference attendees. There was so much diversity in our group of 100, from supervisors to very senior executives and even non-managers - and all that I have spoken with (and all that have posted here) have agreed that no matter your scope of responsibility, this conference will help you become a more effective manager.

Greatest training ever!

Go for it. You won't be sorry!

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When and where is the conference in San Antonio? How do you register and how much is it? Is there a website with info?

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[quote="princeciples"]When and where is the conference in San Antonio? How do you register and how much is it? Is there a website with info?[/quote]

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How can one get this far into the forum without seeing a link to the conference (first page of the website) and the big San Antonio Conference link at the top left hand of this page? Just wonderin' :)


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We could make it a bit more visible on the home page ... some neat graphic, big bold letters, eye catching color. I'll get my act together some day. ;-)

princeciples, if you have any questions not found here (, drop my a private message.