In response to the Job Description podcasts (,, I have found that ChatGPT does a wonderful job at helping you get a running start on drafting a job description.<!--break--> I thought I'd contribute the prompt I used back to the community in case others found it useful for the task. It will do a tad better if you modify the prompt to describe a little more about your company and if you're describing a role that many other companies also have.


Please help me write up job descriptions for the [ROLE_NAME] track in my company. We support [N] levels in this track, each level having a corresponding job title and set of responsibilities and prerequisite requirements (for hiring or promotion). We loosely follow the structure established by Radford's job architecture. The [N] job titles, in ascending order, are [JOB_TITLE_CSV]. Each job description should have two sections: "Responsibilities" and "Requirements".

"Responsibilities" should have 10 bullet points that are informed by, but not limited to, answers to the following prompts:
The reason the company created this job was ____.
The most important ways a person doing this job should spend their time are ____.
The 2-3 most important duties of this job are ____.
What this job takes to be successful is _____.
The simplest, easiest way to see if this job is being done well is _____.

"Requirements" should list any prerequisites to the job.

Please help me write up job descriptions for each of the levels in the track.