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* BLUF Is it effective to repeat the same Feedback over and over.

Won't the DR get tired of me telling them it is Positive they are "On Time" and "Accurate" and other stuff every week ?

* I am having trouble initiating the Feedback Model.

The MT FeedBack Model asks for many instances of Positive Feedback to Direct Reports (DR) throughout the week.

I am having a hard time coming up with that many Feedbacks for each DR.

And when I do, I am tempted to just repeat the same Feedbacks over and over each week.

Especially now that I manage remotely.  I am not seeing the DR.  So I can only give Feedback for limited interactions (or reports of of DR interactions).


How many times can I give Feedback about the same things.
Most DR's have effective repeated behaviors.  

Should I keep repeating the same Feed Backs ?

-- This is my biggest hurdle.
I can come up with about a handful of positive Feedbacks of behaviors that are repeated throughout the week.
Occasionally there is a special project or something -- that might warrant an additional unique positive FeedBack.


But, mostly,  the DR is doing a great job. Because they are steady and have repetitive positive behaviors.

I appreciate your ideas.




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Once you start, your mind starts looking for more places to give feedback.  It can be getting deliverables done early, or meeting a tough goal, or having an effective conversation with someone else, or reaching out to a colleague for input, or giving input in a meeting, or helping out a peer.  They might be normal things, but you want to emphasize how good those things are.  Look for small things, you should be able to find plenty.


Also, I find using a morning greeting helps.  When I talk to each DR every day, I have more interactions with them to gather info on their actions, which leads to more feedback items.  You can use the time to inquire about their status, and what the plan is for the day, and what they did yesterday (not to mention the 'how was your weekend' or 'how's the kids' questions).  Especially when remote, the morning greeting is important to maintaining a relationship.

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You really explained well. I agree with it! Use time wisely that could help the whole team - the progress; make the feedback worthwhile. 

Everything else was said clearly.