Wow, you guys, these podcasts are just amazingly helpful and detailed. I really enjoyed this one! I love the humor you leave in the show about the different personalities and you make it very easy to relate to the different styles and the typical behavior.

Can't wait for the final "C" next month to wrap up the first pass of the DISC model. Thank you!

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I, too, am enjoying the DISC podcasts. Thanks! I especially like Mark's emphasis on avoiding judgements and assumptions about someone's ability to be effective based on their predominant style.

I was having trouble finding myself in the models before I found an online DISC test. I scored low in D, I, and C, and 'average' in Steadiness. Is it unusual to be high in none of the quadrants?

I'm hoping to get my wife to take the test, and I'll definitely practice classifying colleagues. DISC offers a lot of insight into where our natural behavior tendencies might set us up for conflict. It's empowering to take a meta-level view of personalities and styles and to have tools for adapting to each for better communication.

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Glad you like the tool. It really works.

Nix on your wife taking it. SERIOUSLY. Love is love. You don't need to read scientific comments about each others' weaknesses.

If she's desperate to do so, fine...but don't assume that just because she's a professional she will see yours and hers as fair game for discussion.

(This is a gender neutral comment - this applies to either gender asking their spouse).