While catching up on old podcasts, I listened to one about cultivating your network. (I think it was the "Rule of 50" cast, although there are a couple of others on the network building topic.)

The advice included dropping periodical "How have you been?" emails or phone calls to your contacts so those relationships don't "dry up" and remain strong when you need them.

I then emailed a handful of folks I hadn't spoken to in ages. One replied asking if I'd like to meet for coffee to talk about a new opportunity at her company. A few days later, she offered me a job.

I declined the offer, but the point is this was a huge testament to the power of feeding those connections. (And the fact that the MT guys know what they're talking about.)


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Glad YOU putting the recommendation into ACTION had benefits for YOU!  Credit always goes to the one in the ring.  We're thrilled we're able to support your efforts.

You're a networking GURU now because so few of us do this.... ;-)