does anyone have any thoughts about how to start the trinity in a new company?

I'm likely to be one of the first people hired and will then be involved in hiring and developing the work force.

Would you still use the staged roll out over several months for each new employee, or would you explain the concepts to them at the time of joining and implement all three right from the start?

Similarly with the new managers - would you consider including how to use these concepts in their initial training, or should it be a more gradual thing, once they have experienced being on the receiving end?






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You don't have to brief anyone on what you're doing.  It's just "the way I manage."

Go slow.  One at a time.  They will be learning, and SO WILL YOU.

Go slow to go fast.  DO. NOT. RUSH.

Let others come to it on their own, ideally by noticing results from your performance and their questions.