What is the best advice for rolling out the management trinity to a virtual project team on a time-boxed project?

My projects are typically three to twelve months. Based on the podcast advice I may never get to experience the full benefit of a completed rolled-out management trinity. Is this okay?

Or do PMs have a different set of guidelines?

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You may not get the full benefit, but you will get benefits. O3's alone will pay huge returns on the time you invest.

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As a project manager, you should focus on the O3's. Coaching and Delegation in particular should be reserved for your true directs.


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I agree with Paul and John: focus on the O3's.

When using feedback be sure you're keeping clear in your head that these are not directs (so it's something more like peer feedback that you're giving).


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Whether you can roll out the entire trinity depends on your organisation. My organisation is almost a completely pure project organisation where people do not really have much of a supervisor - direct relationship outside of the projects.

In this case feedback, coaching and delegation are just as valid one-on-ones. Since performance appraisals are given on projects, not giving feedback would be disingenious.

On projects at shorter end of the scale there might not be much time for coaching and delegation, but if you have 12 months it can and should be done.


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PM’s have a different set of guidelines – there is no 90 days. Provide processes that capture the trinity. Weekly cycle with first week to calm them down and point them in the approximate right direction
O3’s are GOD when it comes to short projects. You gain so much info as manager that others will be dumb-struck. Achieving sort term goals does not match a holistic view of things. You gain a greater insight and can ID issues in the path ahead.

The key is to recognize (recognise) that people are more important than process. Short term projects mean you need to get under the skin of your directs quickly. O3’s exfoliate.