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During the staff briefing, should I let my directs know that I will start with positive feedback first?

 I'm not going to say I'll be starting with top performers first and will say feedback will be starting slowly at first.



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Whether or not you need the practice giving MT-style feedback, they need practice receiving it cleanly.  Knowing what's coming helps them.  Positive feedback is much easier to receive cleanly than negative, thus the roll-out recommendation of delaying weeks between first starting positive feedback and first starting negative feedback.

Consider (re-)checking to the roll-out podcasts and their show-notes.  I may be mistaken, in recalling that Mark suggests to say "top performers first" to set that expectation.

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Thanks JRB,

you'e quite right to start with top performers first.  Just really wanted to know whether to tell staff I am starting  with positive feedback first.  The notes don't suggest so, I am therefore incined not to.