I would appreciate feedback from other S/C's regarding a comment in the Rolling out DISC to your team podcast.  

In the cast, in describing how half the world respond when walking into a crowded room, the cast notes that the S/C walks in an states that "I´m less powerful than everyone in this room".

(While the D/I scope out a few people and say "I am more powerful than these 1-2 people").

As a high S/C, when I walk into a crowded room, I do not see myself as more powerful or less powerful.  But rather I see who I have good relationships with and poor relationships with.  While I recognize where people fit in the hierarchy In terms of power, this does not influence in how I feel about  my power or role.  

On the other hand, in smaller meetings, especially when working with suppliers, it is an important issue that I do consider. 

Do any S/Cs have similar thoughts?





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Hi Desmond,


I am 1 1 7 7 and I do recognise the less powerful description although not literally.  If DISC is saying something that you do not recognise about yourself, then it is probably true that others would view you in this way.  If you think about the walking into a room example in two different ways:

1. a high D or C would probably be more likely to walk into a room and think they could lead or inspire the whole group into battle - the high C or high S would probably be more confortable talking to them individually to see what they intellectually thought about war.

2. from others viewing you, they may be more likely to assume you are less powerful because of how you act.  For example, natural body language ques or that upon entering the room you may be more likely to go straight over to people you already have a good relationship with rather than "working the room" talking to everyone in your path.


One of the most powerful insights I found from doing DISC is that this is how someone else might think about you even if you do not find everything spot on as you think about yourself.  I definitely have to constantly check in with my body language and vocal tonality to dial down my natual High S/High C tendancies especially interacting with High Ds and High Is as I work a lot with Sales and Marketing.  Also although I consider myself quite creative (something that may be more naturally associated with high Is), to others I rarely show this unless I consiously think about being more spontaneous, vocal and outgoing or on very specific subjects that I may be more passionate about.


Either way, I do not consider it a bad thing thinking you are "less powerful" than others - just learn your strenghts and work to those being mindful of small things you can change about how others perceive you.


Hope that helps.

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Like many one-sentence descriptions, "I'm less powerful than everyone in this room" is a little simplistic.

I've seen a description of DISC somewhere that suggests the "assertive/reserved" split is a difference in how we see our influence with respect to our environment -- do we make things happen, or do we respond to them? It's not about "power" and "weakness," but about our relationship to our environment.

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