When delivering a project, normally the PM will be involved in chairing the weekly status meeting.

Does the PM also need to chair the meeting of different work streams?

Pls share your views.

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I think the project manager facilitates meetings when different groups come together. I don't think the PM should be hosting meetings between a development manager and his programmers or even attending that meeting. I don't think a PM should host a meeting between an electrical engineer and the electricians.

Project Managers are not meeting facilitators. That is one of their roles, but only when they are in the leadership position. They also are supposed to be managing to the schedule, providing status, controlling scope, and controlling costs.

Plus, project participant teams have every right to go behind closed doors and discuss their approach without someone spying on them.

-Rob Redmond

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PM15127, I assume the projects you are delivering are internal. The answer to your question in my industry (Construction) is very simple. It is expected for me to chair a regular project meeting but if I was to suggest I should chair the meetings of a work stream (sub-contractor) I would be met with significant opposition. Look to your work streams as suppliers, give them detailed scope, give them a budget and give them a deadline.
I hope this helps.

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PM15127, under normal circumstances i think it would be overkill to chair different workstream meetings. Obtain your information from the weekly status meeting plus and be aware outside of this meeting what's going on during the rest of the week.

However, you may want to (temporarily) chair workstream meetings if those workstreams are trending towards missed deadlines and are not delivering. If this happens and things are not improving, you may want to chair the meetings for a period of time and work with the folks in that workstream to get things back on track.


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By letting the workstream leads run their own meetings, you're also giving them growth opportunities.


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My personal aim in meeting is not to chair (or minute). I delgate this to whoever is supposed to deliver the main goals. As PM I am the 'client' in meetings.

Jhack hits it spot on again.