In Rites of Passage, Lucht talks about the "direct mail" campaign, and mail your resume to 1000+ companies with the hope of getting 4-5 inquiries, 2-3 interviews, and 1-2 offers.

Has anyone actually done this? Thoughts?

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Connick - I'm doing it right now; just started two weeks ago. I admit that my goal is a little bit lower to start (I've defined a targeted set of about 100 companies, and I'm shooting for 3-5 per company).

It's been remarkably easy to do, with Lucht's tips for using the web.

BUT- no results yet.


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Hey, brand new to manager tools and read  "Rites of Passage" as well. I was also interested by the direct mail campaign. Had a few questions that I was hoping the Manager-tools community might be able to help with...

-  Havn't seen anything from the manager tools team or many other sites recommending this. It seems smart to me and it looks like there are some libraries that have access to the D&B Hoovers list to scrape for contacts, but am I missing something? 

- If direct mail does make sense, does direct mail make sense for someone like me who's only a project engineer at the moment in the $75,000 - $85,000 dollar range? Or is it more for executives?

- There was a recommendation in "Rites of Passage" to put your current salary range at the bottom of your cover letter. Opinions on whether this is a good idea? Or would it only apply to executives who are likely to have a larger potential salary range?