I have been struggling coming up with a one page (preferably) worksheet that I can use everytime I spend the day with one of my reps. We usually try and spend the entire day together and will mix the calls with prospects and current accounts.

Does anybody have a worksheet that they use and have found to be successful in account goal setting as well as reveiw analysis and next steps etc...? :idea:

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I'm not in sales, but I'd approach the problem by first asking myself what information is important to me and my ride-along? What do I want to accomplish with the form? What value will the filled out form add to me and my ride-along?

Begin with the end in mind.

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Another place to beging with is the metrics you use to evaluate the customer, sales person, effectiveness of sales approach. This would give you data for use both during review time and as well as identifying things that work or don't work or clients that are good or clients that are maybe not worth keeping.

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I know that sales people and sales organizations use a variety of methodologies or "systems" for structuring sales activities. For example, a former organization of mine used the "IMPACT" sales model.

Does your organization subscribe to a system? Does the system work? Do the sales reps use the system? Is it possible to use the system's metrics and/or framework to help define the sections of your worksheet?

If there is not an existing system or framework, perhaps you can invest some time to research existing systems and see if there is one that matches your model.

Just some thoughts.

Good luck,